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COOVIE´s  w o r l d w i d e  IMAGES
WILLKOMMEN - Welcome - Bienvenue - Bienvenida - 欢迎 - ترحيب - добро пожаловать

Die Welt mit meinen Augen sehen ... See the World with my eyes !
Nothing in this World is more fascinating than the WORLD itself ! Always going around the globe, thousands of impressions, people, cultures, landscapes, places and unforgettable encounters. Nothing more shapes tolerance and ecological understanding like traveling. My wish is to collect these moments and places here and make them visible to you. Therefore "" (a modification of my real name).

„Die gefährlichste Weltanschauung ist die Weltanschauung derer, die die Welt nie angeschaut haben.“
(The most dangerous worldview is the view of those who have never looked at the world.)
(Alexander von Humboldt (1769 – 1835), German naturalist and explorer)

Curiositas vivendi !      (Neues / Neuland entdecken !)

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